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On March 6, 2024, a South Lake Tahoe jury convicted Joshua Gardner of 10 felonies, including residential burglary, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and criminal threats. The jury also found true firearm and injury enhancements.The convictions stem from an incident in July of 2021 when Gardner broke into the victim’s home over a drug debt. Once inside, Gardner robbed the victim at gunpoint and threatened to kill her. The next day, Gardner robbed the victim again at gunpoint, threatened to kill her, and pistol whipped the victim in the face causing great bodily injury. After leaving the second robbery, Gardner continued to threaten to kill the victim through multiple text messages. On top of the felonies and enhancements, the jury also found that Gardner had two previous strike convictions for residential burglary and criminal threats. The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Casey Mandrell and presided over by the Honorable Michael McLaughlin. Gardner is due to be sentenced on April 12. He faces multiple life sentences.